Supplier of Medical Equipment, Customer care no. 95820 11010

Why Us

Highly experienced team of professionals, Strict quality standards and Timely delivery

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our clients through quality product & services.

Our Principles

We assist our principals through markets developments, marketing, sales, installation of our products & services and building bridges between manufacturers and clients.

Who We Are

Supplier of Medical Equipments

Worked in Max Meditech Pvt. Ltd, Vadodara office from 1999 to 2002 as sales executive & handled ventilator. In 2002, started gaywala medical systems with the Vision to provide sales & services for our principales.

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    Dr.Niraj Jadav - Sankalp Maternity Home

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    Dr.Dipak Bhagde - Bhagde Hospital

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    Dr.Devendra Dekiwadia - Dekiwadia Hospital

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    Dr.Rekha Patel - Unique Hospital Pvt Ltd

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    Dr.Anil Patel - Unique Hospital Pvt Ltd

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    Dr.B.T.Raiyani - Raiyani Surgical Hospital

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Survoday Hospital